Salvia glutinosa - Sage

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continental : Place these plants in a sunny place, where they can be exposed for at least few hours a day to direct sunlight.
The Salvia glutinosa needs to be grown in a warm place, also in winter; since it does not tolerate frost, replace it in the house or in the hothouse with the first cold weather of the season.

alpine : We remind to place these plants always in a very bright location, exposed to direct sunlight.
It is advisable to grow them outside only in late spring and in summer; during the remaining months place them in the greenhouse or in a sheltered place, away from the frost.

mediterranean : Try to place the Salvia glutinosa in a location well exposed to sunlight all year long.
The Salvia glutinosa do not tolerate frost, therefore place them in a sheltered location away from wind; alternatively we can cover their aerial part with frost cloth during winter.

Fertilize Salvia glutinosa : To obtain luxuriant aromatic plants remember to prepare the soil in which they will be planted enriching it with stable manure or with a slow-release fertilizer; later on give regular fertilizings, using a universal fertilizer to be added to the water of normal waterings every 15-20 days.

Water Salvia glutinosa

continental : Waterings shall be generous and very regular, specially in summer; avoid to allow soil to become completely dry. When autumn starts decrease waterings and suspend them in winter.

alpine : Keep the soil mostly humid, remember to water it generously and regularly. In autumn and winter waterings can be occasional.

mediterranean : Waterings will be regular and generous, specially in summer, remember to allow the substrate to dry out between two waterings. In winter waterings can be suspended.

Pests Salvia glutinosa : Treatments are applied only in case the parasites are effectively on the plant and avoiding broad-spectrum products; we remind to avoid to apply treatments on plants in bloom, to avoid to kill also the useful insects, together with the parasites.

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